One of the best ways to protect the investment of your home or business is to have a roof inspection before winter arrives. The roofing experts at Dependable Construction & Remodeling in Dayton, Ohio offer free inspections and estimates, and they serve all of Southwest Ohio. Here are four reasons to schedule a consultation with Dayton’s top roofing company:

imas~ Winter Brings Threats: Ice, snow, and hail can put stress on your roof. If your roof is already jeopardized, it can lead to even more repairs later. Weaknesses in your roof can also offer openings to pests and animals seeking warmth during winter.



 images~You’re Thinking Of Selling: Roofing problems can decrease the value of your home. If or when you sell your home, an inspection will be ordered that might highlight any problems you’ve missed. Being proactive and arranging an inspection of your own before putting your home on the market will give you the chance to make roof repairs on your own terms.


~ Roofs Need Regular Maintenance: Roofs need to be winterized in order to last longer. Tasks like cleaning gutters, removing debris, and eliminating puddles of water on your roof need to be performed every fall. If left unchecked, they can lead to decay and premature aging.


~A Professional Opinion Matters: It might be tempting to inspect your own roof, but roofing professionals are trained to spot weak points you might miss.

Dependable Construction & Remodeling specializes in all residential and commercial roofing, vinyl siding, gutter installation and deck builds. Avoid costly roof repairs by hiring Dayton’s top Construction Company today. Call Dependable Construction & Remodeling at (937) 937.318.9572 to schedule an inspection, and visit their website for more information.


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