A roof can protect your home anywhere between 20 to 50 years, as it takes the brunt of extreme weather conditions and other harsh elements. Regardless of the durability of your roofing system, it is still exposed to risks of damage. To extend its lifespan, you have to take care of it properly.

Dependable Construction, a premier roofing company in Fairborn, Oh, offers these tips:

1) Regular Maintenance:

Keeping your roof clean and in good condition helps it last longer. Removing the leaves that clog the gutters is one way to maintain your roof. While leaves that collect in roof valleys and chimneys may result in moisture or weeds, trimming overhanging branches will help reduce the amount of falling leaves. With this, you can also prevent rodents from using the branches as a bridge to your roof.

Though you can maintain your own roof, it is more advisable to call a contractor for help. Dependable Construction offers roof maintenance, so we know how to determine what your roof needs.

2) Proper Attic Ventilation:

If the ventilation in your attic is poor, expect your roof to have a shorter life span. During extreme hot temperatures, the heat can result in warping and cracking. It may also “fry” the shingles, which will lead to deterioration. Poor attic ventilation not only causes premature aging of your roof, but also prevents it from regulating the temperature inside your home. Dependable Construction does attic insulation to help make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

3) Thorough Inspection:

Conducting regular inspections is necessary. It will help you spot problems before these get worse. Doing this after an extreme weather or hearing a disturbance coming from the roof will allow you to make sure that things are still in place. During roof inspections, watch out for curled, loose, or missing shingles, along with damages on flashing. Dependable Construction knows where and what to look for to provide the necessary roof repair.

Maintaining your roofing system is as important as choosing the best one for your home. Doing this yourself could be hard, so consult Dependable Construction to help you. We offer roof repair, installation, and maintenance, among others, to make sure that every home has a high-quality roofing system to protect it.


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