The roof is a very essential aspect of any residential or commercial structure. It helps protects the building from external elements, but that does not mean it is not susceptible to wear and tear that will soon lead to roof leaks. With that said, you need to give it special attention to help prolong the life. Here are some ways to save you from all the trouble that comes with a leaking roof:

(1) Inspect the roof thoroughly and regularlyroof-inspections

A thorough and regular inspection will help you spot problems, before these become a major nuisance. Check for any sign of damage such as misaligned or curled shingles. If the roof is too high, you may use quality binoculars to carefully do an inspection, or better yet, ask the assistance of experts on roofing in Columbus, Ohio. Always make safety a priority.

(2) Do repairs or replacements immediately

Once you see missing, lose or misaligned shingles, do the necessary repairs and/or replacements immediately. If necessary, re-caulk all areas and have the roof flashing repaired, too. You can always hire the services of your local roofing company Dependable Construction & Remodeling to do roofing repairs in Dayton, Ohio.

(3) Trim trees near the roofNew Assignment 2014-06-26 15-00-54_062714_rs_0208f.jpg

Any low hanging tree brunches that constantly touch or smash the roof is the second main reasons why roof shingles become misaligned or loose, after wind. Also, leaves that fall off can clog gutters and drains that can also lead to interior leaks. Make sure to trim tree brunches that are growing near the roof, and clean your clogged gutters and drains as well. We are an experienced roofing contractors that can handle the job if you do not have the experience and tools to do so.

If you already faced with a leaking roof, Dependable Construction & Remodeling is a roofing expert take can handle it all. Don’t postpone repairs. The longer you wait, the worse the problem may become.


For those who are searching for experts on roofing, you can always rely on Dependable Construction & Remodeling. We have been serving our customers since 2004 in Greater Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus. We offer only quality material, superior workmanship, and customer satisfaction, because Dependability Matters so call us today at (937) 318-9572 for your free estimate.

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