1005518_984090931653083_38103972386002982_nWhen it comes to a roof replacement the trick, is in choosing the best ones that offer a return on investment.

Trust Dependable Construction & Remodeling to help you through our range of services:

~ Roof Replacement

When your roof system is beyond repair and maintenance, turn to Dependable Construction & Remodeling. We have been serving our customers since 2004 in Greater Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus. We are a trusted roofing contractor that homeowners rely on for the best quality roof replacement possible. With our high quality materials from the leading industry brand, strong manufacturer warranties, we’ll make sure that your new roof system provides you with a beautiful lasting system for your home.

~ Roof Ventilation 12654325_994235493971960_3996634609755571366_n.jpg

A roof with poor attic ventilation will lead to worn-out shingles causing them to cup and curl up. This will lead to uncomfortable interior temperature, and increased energy costs. You can prevent with the help of your trusted roofing contractor Dependable Construction & Remodeling. We can install or maintain your attic intake vents, exhaust vents, louvers and turbines. Helping promote better air circulation in your attic, reducing the chance of mold growth and formation of moisture and condensation. Proper ventilation also helps extend the life of your roofing system. In addition, you’ll benefit from reduced cooling costs and a more comfortable indoor temp.

~ Roof Coatings

Rain and Hail storms can severely damage a roofing system, often resulting in extensive water damage. To extend your roof’s service life and maintain your home’s structural integrity, homeowners can coat the roof with a high-quality waterproofing agent. This offers a level of protection from damage to your home by eg_acrylic_coating.gif.jpgpreventing roof leaks and pooling water. Coating can also withstand high winds and sun damage, ensuring lasting weather protection and value for your home.

Every home renovation is a smart investment when you choose Dependable Construction & Remodeling. Call our office at 937.318.9572 for an in-home consultation & free estimate.

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