Unsure if your siding can last another beautiful Ohio winter? Schedule an appointment with us! With years of experience, Dependable Construction & Remodeling has worked on all types of installation and repair projects throughout southwestern Ohio. We also offer some of the most competitive pricing around. We provide free siding estimates and always make each of our customers a priority.

When you schedule your appointment with Dependable Construction & Remodeling, we’ll come out to your house and go over the exterior of your home with you in detail. We’ll show you the three signs that indicate that it’s time to replace your home’s siding, here they are:

vinyl-siding-repair-cracked1Broken or Cracked Panels: Damaged panels could lead to leaks, which could result in interior issues. Broken sections of siding also present a hazard during wind storms, as they could be easily ripped off if a stray gust comes by.

Rotting-SidingRotten Siding: If it’s not properly cared for or repaired in time, the siding on your home can start rotting. Deteriorated siding can jeopardize the interior structure, doesn’t look pretty, and also increases the danger during storms.

0_0_0_0_298_240_csupload_65015505Chalky Or Faded Panels: Most homeowners want their houses to look picture perfect, but that’s nearly impossible when you’re dealing with old siding. If it’s losing color, then it’s time to make an appointment with Dependable Construction & Remodeling.


There’s no time like the present to start talking with a Fairborn-based family owned contractor. What makes Dependable Construction & Remodeling stand out from the rest is their professionalism and timeliness when it comes to serving their clients. Our team works with a high standard of quality that is untouchable, and we offer warranties to cover anything that might get in the way a completely satisfied customer.

Be sure to ask Dependable Construction & Remodeling for your free estimate today by calling 937.318.9572. Visit our website, Facebook page, or Google+ account for more information.

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