We don’t spend a whole lot of time looking at the roof. Indeed, the better of a job your roof is doing, the less you’ll even need to look at it. But never take it for granted – and definitely give it the attention it needs. Dependable Construction & Remodeling, a residential and commercial roofing company that has served the Greater Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus area since 2004. We would like to bust some of the most common roofing myths:

~ Flashing Doesn’t Need Replacing: 123
Wrong! Just because flashing is made of durable metal doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Definitely get your flashing inspected by a professional roofing company at least twice a year, as it can be damaged by a number of environmental factors. Just because it’s strong doesn’t mean it can’t get loosened, cracked, or rusty.

~ Gutters Are A Separate System From Your Roofing234 System:
Wrong! Both systems are interconnected, and here’s why: Your shingles, along with the sloped shape of most roofs, are meant to direct rainwater outward, while your gutters are there at the edge to prevent that water from leaking into the fascia and causing wood rot. Blockages in your gutters can prevent your roof from doing its job, resulting in backed up water, and mold and mildew problems to follow. So keep those gutters clean.

~ New Roofs Can Get Installed Over The Old Ones: images
Wrong! Well, mostly. A roof replacement will last a lot longer when you get your old roof removed. Plus, removing the old roof allows for the replacement of damaged decking and keeps the manufacturer’s warranty on your new shingles valid. A responsible roofing company like Dependable Construction & Remodeling will advise you of whether you need a simple roof repair or a major replacement. If you’re concerned about the mess that roof removal will make, remember that cleanup is an important aspect of every one of Dependable Construction & Remodelings’ jobs.


Are your roof or gutters in need of repair? You can reach Dependable Construction & Remodeling at their Fairborn, OH, office at (937) 318.9572, or visit them online.

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