Be Aware of These Common Roofing Problems!

Maintaining your roof is a task that requires routine attention and diligent assessment. It’s easy for small problems to turn into serious damage, and Dependable Construction & Remodeling  in Fairborn, OH, wants to help their clients recognize the common side effects that are related to roof damage. The key to keeping your roof safe and well-maintained is active prevention, and as Southwest Ohio’s number one roofing company, Dependable Construction & Remodeling wants you to know the facts about these common roofing problems:

~ Winter Damage:Untitled1

As ice and snow melts, the water often finds its way under shingles and flashing. Water expands as it freezes, and if the water under your shingles has a chance to refreeze, it will widen the gap and make room for even more water. This can cause the wood underneath to rot.

~Attic Ventilation:Untitled2

Sunlight will eventually cause shingles to become dry and brittle, and if the air in your attic is stifling hot, your shingles will bake from both sides. If your attic stays extra warm during the winter, the precipitation on your roof will continually melt and freeze, lifting the shingles.

~Overhanging Trees: Untitled3

Your roof is always at risk of having branches from nearby trees falling on it, but overhanging branches that touch the roof are also causing damage. They rub away the protective top layer of your shingles, shortening their lifespan.

~ Clogged Gutters:Untitled4

The purpose of gutters is to divert water off of a roof so that it doesn’t find its way into the eaves and cause rot. If your gutters are clogged, they aren’t doing their job. A few heavy rainstorms later, and you could be dealing with a rotting roof.


Extending the life of your roof is as simple as performing routine inspections and catching small problems before they turn into costly catastrophes. Dependable Construction & Remodeling is an experienced roof repair and siding contractor that is standing by to ensure that you receive the best possible roofing service. Call them at (937) 318.9572 to request a free estimate, or visit their website for more information.


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