There are plenty of reasons why homeowners should choose vinyl for their window replacements. So Dependable Construction wants to take a minute and review a couple.

Home repairs and updates aren’t always fun. Especially when the change is something that doesn’t seem like it’s going to make a big impact in your everyday life, like a kitchen renovation does, it can be hard to be excited about repairs and replacements. Window repairs can sometimes feel that way. It’s difficult to fully understand why you should spend the time and money to buy new windows, but there are plenty of benefits to it, especially if you invest in vinyl windows.

Simonton windows are a popular choice for vinyl windows and doors and are what many Dayton area residents and contractors use, including Dependable Construction. Despite feeling overwhelmed from choices and a lack of knowledge, you can feel confident in investing in Simonton vinyl windows for your home or business.

They are energy efficient.

One of the biggest reasons people decide to replace their windows is because of the affect the windows are having on their energy bills. Older homes with original windows don’t always keep the hot or cold air out as well as they could. There’s usually cracks in the framing or they no longer fit perfectly after years of weathering. In general, any new windows can mean more energy efficiency if a home has windows that are letting in air, however Simonton vinyl windows do more than that. The company is an ENERGY STAR partner, and the vinyl helps reduce the cost of heating and cooling because of the density of the windows. Not only are drafts near the window a thing of the past, but the windows will prevent the air from outside from cooling or heating the inside of the house as easily, meaning the heater or A/C will run much less than usual.

Vinyl windows can keep noise out.

These windows don’t just keep the cold air out. If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of traffic or a lot of social activity, the noise can be distracting and annoying. Replacement windows with laminate glass can truly keep noise out and keep you sleeping or relaxing when you want to. There’s no need to let your neighbors’ noisy decisions affect you from inside your house.

Protect your belongings in more than one way.

Windows can either damage or protect your home in more than one way, and a window contractor like Dependable Construction can help prevent both of them. The first is the damage caused by UV rays entering your home through windows. Choosing windows with Low E glass can not only provide great energy efficiency, but reduce the damage on furniture from the sun. Sunlight can cause photos on the wall or fabric on couches and chairs to lose their color, but using vinyl windows will keep the UV out and your belongings looking good.

New windows can also protect your belongings, and you, with safety features that some old windows are not equipped with. Feeling unsafe in your own home is the worst way to feel, so why not ensure a feeling of ease by choosing windows that can help prevent break-ins? Simonton windows are designed to protect your home from intruders and must pass forced entry requirements. Some old windows just don’t lock correctly or have glass that is easily broken. With new vinyl windows, you can rest easy knowing that the laminated glass is just one extra layer of protection for you and your family.

Maintenance free windows save time.

Nothing is less fun than spending your weekend or savings for a rainy day on repairing or maintaining parts of the home. With vinyl windows, that doesn’t happen. Because vinyl doesn’t flake or require repainting like aluminum or wood does, there’s absolutely no maintenance except for the occasional washing. These windows can stand all sorts of environmental pollutants, from salt spray in winter to dirt year round.

They can also increase your home’s resale value.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, windows can be one of the most important investments you will get a return of investment on. Newer windows are one of the top things home-buyers look for when house hunting, and most times you’ll recoup up to 70%+ of your investment. Sometimes if money is tight or you don’t plan on making something a forever home, it’s hard to justify upgrades or updates, but with vinyl windows, the investment is worth it when it comes time to move.

New windows can create a beautiful home.

Another way new windows can help the resale value is because they can create a beautiful look on the inside and outside of a home. New windows look clean, fresh and can help a house to seem as if it’s newer than it actually is. Whether you’re selling your house or living there until the end of your days, the investment to make your home something you actually enjoy living in is priceless.

Buying replacement windows sometimes seems like you’re throwing away money, but the benefits of getting windows from Dependable Construction is worth it. To get the most bang for your buck, make sure the vinyl windows you choose have a warranty. Simonton not only tests its products, but it offers solid warranties to help customers and professionals know how great their windows are. Be sure to choose a window brand that offers those similar warranty or guarantees. If you’re unsure what windows will be best for your home, then it’s time to call and speak with a representative at Dependable Construction for their advice and expertise.



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