Spring is in the air, and it’s time for homeowners to decide how to spend their annual tax refunds. If you are thinking about getting new windows this year, now is the time to contact a replacement window installer. Before setting up any appointments with window installers like Dependable Construction, it is important to pre-screen all contractors over the phone. It’s less time consuming and can eliminates the temptation to choose installers based solely on their salesmanship and high pressure sales. Asking a few simple questions first will ensure that the contractor really has the experience you need for the job.

As much as you might want to start firing away with questions as soon as you get a contractor on the phone, they will first need information from you. Be prepared to share some details about the project, such as the type of window you are looking to buy, the number of windows, your budget and timeline for the project. Only after they know the scope of your project can they answer your first round of questions. Keep in mind that as you speak with a replacement window installer like Dependable Construction on the phone, they will be trying to set up a home appointment to view the property and see what their dealing with. But remember, this is your fact finding mission and you don’t need to set an appointment to get answers to your questions.

The following is a list of questions to ask your replacement window installer during the first phone call.  You may not need to ask every question on the list, but be sure to cover the first five or six listed below.

  1. How long have you been in the window installation business?
  2. What is your specific experience with vinyl window installations in my area?
  3. Is there a specific brand or type of window that frequently recommend? Why?
  4. What are your payment terms?
  5. How do you handle service issues after the installation is complete?
  6. How often are you on-site during the installation process?
  7. What is your standard procedure for finishing out a window’s interior of the windows after installation?
  8. How far in advance are your services usually booked?
  9. Do you offer free estimates?
  10. What kind of warranties do you offer on the installation of the window.

When you’ve completed this interview with a handful of prospective contractors, take a few minutes to compare the answers and you will discover which replacement window installers to call back for an appointment.


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